August 16

Elly is back. Thank the Light.

Just seeing her like that…I wanted to cry, still do. She looks better now, but I know she’s not out of the woods yet.

We found her chained up in a cage, a collar around her neck that kept shocking her as if she were a dumb beast…bastard. We managed to get her out in time, the ship was sinking…

-Several scratched out sentences follow.-

I’m scared. I don’t want to lose her, I don’t want to ever lose her again…

August 7

I keep telling myself that it can’t get worse- that a man can only have so many enemies…Guess that ain’t true. As it ends up, a man can have a lot of enemies without even knowing it.

I didn’t hear the Captain when she gave a warning, I didn’t feel alarmed. ’Hell,’ I thought, ’probably got too drunk to carry herself home.’ They knew though, knew something awful had happened. You could see it on their faces.  It didn’t take long for the Commander Xynrael to send me, Elly and Melathanore out to patrol the parameter…

That’s when it started.

Rohok stood guard at the eastern gate at eight-thirty that night, just as he had done every night since we got to that festering pit. Wasn’t a bad guy either, as far as orcs go…One night he even showed me how to fix my gloves so my fingers didn’t blister. I guess you could say I thought of him as a friend…Maybe he thought of me that way too. Maybe that was why he looked at me like that when he went for his axe. Maybe he felt bad because he was about to help kill us all…I sure hope he did.

After that, it was a rush of gunfire and explosions… Even now we ain’t sure where half of the Vanguard is…

We got out of Stonard fast once it started raining bullets and split up. I’m not sure why, but I guess Xynrael had his reasons for it. He took off with Malarius, Elly and Saerelde while me, Doc, Hallistus and the new guy went with the Forgemaster. He took us through the battlefield, not so much as blinking as he brought down orc and human alike. The man moved like a machine.

I remember wyvrens coming at us about half way to the shoreline…then I get too tired to remember much. I recall the temple and seeing what seemed like a small army of our allies coming at us on one side, and on the other that horrid tauren. He helped us, but I feel like it may have come at a price. We’ll see…

Tate tried to get to me then, poor boy must have had his wing snapped trying to get free from the flight master…Elly is right though, Tate would’ve just suffered had he lived…though I won’t be thanking Hal for killing him like that.

- A tear drop stains the page. -

Saerelde’s ship got to us after what felt like an eternity…I think it was called the Rising Phoenix. I spent a good while admiring it during the down time, short as it was. We couldn’t have been at sea for a few hours before we had a new problem to deal with- pirates.

It was chaos on her deck during the attack, all of us were already exhausted and most of Xynrael’s group was injured. Once again we were fighting aerial assault, and I stood there useless… I got a few of the dragon hawk riders down, but it didn’t matter once the bombs started flying. We’re all lucky we got out of that. Some of us more than others…

- A splash of honey mead stains the last paragraph. -

Nine of us are in Booty Bay now, and Xynrael is nowhere to be seen. Calthos said he had something to take care of…but it can’t be so important that he’d leave us after all that. I don’t know what we’re meant to do here, though I suppose it’s good as anywhere else now…

After all, we’re traitors…but at least we can drink in peace here.

July 16

Didn’t sleep well last night. Kept having nightmares.

I still ain’t sure what came over me out there, but I couldn’t control it. I remember knocking a tree down and then going off to find something else…anything else, to hurt. Then I saw them.

An orc, looked like an archer by nature, had managed to get further than the rest. Must have been pretty tough, or damn stubborn…I tried to warn him, but two Alliance footmen got to him first. Ran him clean through then took his head clear off just to be sure they’d brought him down…

After that, it was blurry. I charged, killed them both and after that…I’m not sure how many more I got. I’m still not even sure how I got so close to the keep, or what their faces looked like. I don’t even really remember the Commander showing up, wasn’t until I saw Elly sleeping that I really came out of it all.

I pretended to sleep after that, partially to not wake her…partially because I didn’t know what to say if I did. I know it’s silly, that she’s been in plenty of battles and would probably know better than me how to see all this…But I don’t know if I can tell her. I could have stopped after the first kill, could have done the honorable thing and helped fight the Alliance back into their keep…I didn’t though.

I was behind the line of battle, I was tearing a hole through their ranks…I targeted their healers just so the footmen wouldn’t stand a prayer…I think some of them were women…

Worst is, I know it wasn’t because they’re our enemies and it wasn’t with the intent to save our men’s lives…it was because they were something to kill.

-Tears stain the page, and in several areas, the ink is smeared.-